Dome Storages

BULK STORAGE Lafarge Cement Plant — Located in Ontario, Canada, Lafarge’s storage dome can hold 40,000 tons. Hawaii Cement — This cement storage dome is located in Kapolie, HI.

North Texas Cement — North Texas Cement’s storage domes in Houston, Texas holds 38,500 tons of cement in each of the 150-foot diameter by 83-foot tall domes.  GROW DOMES FOR GROWING VEGETABLE: 
 This 280-foot-diameter dome has a floor area equal to 1.4 acres. Note the large entry doors. It’s the perfect building for growing food.

A Monolithic Dome cold storage uses half the cooling equipment and will keep an even temperature regardless of the outside weather.  
Completed Project
Dome Storage/Warehouse EL DORADO DOME STORAGES: Year Constructed 2010

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